ATMAT Practitioner Providing ATMAT Prenatal Massage Practitioner
Doula Services enhanced with ATMAT


This service brings full circle the benefits of Arvigo™ therapy for those entering this program preconception or prenatally through to postpartum.*


Prenatal Visits:

  • Mother to be has more of a sense of security and awareness of her body. Her massage therapist is also her doula!
  • Baby responds to therapy by virtue of the administering ATMAT not only to mother’s uterus but to areas of tension and discomfort. Specific complaints are also addressed as a result of stress of daily life and carrying baby.
  • Mother also performs self-care in between visits.
  • Prenatal practitioner and doula/client relationship is one relationship.

On Being Her Doula:

  • Doula/Client relationship creates a path that helps reassures the expecting expecting mother that she is supported.
  • Doula is available to the mother to be who may live far away from those that would normally support her and be present during this time.
  • If support is close in proximity, the doula can coach the partner or support person into a confidence that allows them to be there in more ways than initially thought.
  • Through communication, both verbal and nonverbal, the doula helps determine what is needed.
  • Doula offers emotional support and recommendations for body positions for more comfort and also to facilitate labor progression.
  • Encourages focused breathing.
  • ATMAT trained practitioner/Doula applies specific techniqes passed down by midwives and other healers, further supporting the mother moving through the stages of her labor.

*Please inquire about packages offered.